Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback :)

Continued from last time I began to create the various lights and sights. For this I have a collection of balls - from left-over GreenStuff - which I then match to the fitting plastic rods, cut to the proper size.
Here are the first lights and sights mounted.
Changes the look quite a lot.
Next I created some "RPG-Grills" to protect the rear tracks.
Again the trick was to keep the sides removable.
Next I created the smoke launchers.
And then I built a machine-gun.
A bit Russian style
and all scratch-built.
Then I added tie-downs and hooks.
Rear lights
and handle for the rear door
plus steps for the crew
With my trusted Chopper I cut pieces for the vision ports
and installed them.
The two vision ports visible here on the rear left are later removed, as this is the engine area - and no one will be using them there ;)
With most of the exterior done (yes, I know, tons of rivets are still missing), I started to build the slide-out interior
On the left is the engine section and in the center the blast wall and door to the turret basket.
To flesh things out, I added a weapons rack, with a little Flamethrower, two assault rifles and two AT-tubes :)
And this is how it would look...
Not much to see...
But we all know it is there, right?
Well, I'm not really sure how much time I will spend on the interior, if so little is to see...

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (4)

Hi all,
thank you for the positive feedback and comments!

Continuing form the last post I continued with the engine deck.
Instead of the long grill the other vehicles have decide to give it a turbine look.
So I cut a hole into the deck
Then I cut a second thinner, but slightly larger disk and drew the fan blades
I cut them to about a few millimeters to the center and then carefully twisted them up with a set of  tweezers - not careful enough, as one blade broke off
Finally I glued the "fan onto a piece of plastic card, re-aligning the blades in the proper angle.
A set of spacers for the proper distance  
And then glued in place.
To make things complete, I added a cover ring
I think it will look better, than the original deck - and it is different :)
Next I added the drivers hatch and the mounts for the lights
Next up was the hatch for the loader with the MG mount
I also added the hatches for the ammo load and cartridge ejection (the little round one) as well as access panels
Last not least I added the front lights and the closed commanders cupola
Still a lot of detailing, hatches, sights and lights to do
Well, that's as far as I got.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (3)

Hi all,
thanks for the great feedback and messages :)
Feels good to know you're still here and reading.

Continuing with the build, I fleshed out the track skirts with some additional angled armor.
Probably a bit heavier than I had originally envisioned,
but I think the proportions work.
Next I assembled the road-wheels so generously gifted by Massimo.
This is how I planned to mount them.
Massimo told me he didn't really like the MiniArt tracks and prefers the Trumpeter tracks, as he had some issues assembling the tracks to be "workable"
Well, after a few tries I do agree with Massimo.
These tracks are a pain in the A**.
The pins are too soft and have no working catch - they fall out again.
Do you guys have any experience with these tracks?

While pondering the tracks issue I cut the mounts for the wheels with my trusted "Chopper"
To keep the wheels properly aligned and straight I pinned them onto a strip of plastic card.
With this I can ensure they are straight and aligned while the glue cures.
But when mounting the track skirts I realized it was all too low.
The wheels sit too high on the hull
This isn't looking good.
So I mounted "axles" beneath the hull and cut supports to hold them in place
This looks better now
The wheels now have the proper height ratio to the vehicle and skirts
After chatting again with Massimo and realizing that I have glued wheels - which means "workable" tracks are non-sense anyway - I simply glued the tracks together and mounted them.
I really like the way they turned out.
Starts to look like a tank.
With a nice rear 😉
And so it was time to mount the main gun
Well, size matters, eh?
What do you think?
When looking at modern tanks, like say the Challenger, I think the ratio of the gun is good.
Or what do you say? Too long?
Please let me know what you think.