Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (11)

Hi all,
the shoulder is keeping me rather busy with doctors visits, physio-therapy twice a week, and the pain gifts me with sleepless nights to boot.
So my updates are considerably slower than my usual pace.
Well, as chrisb pointed out, I had the corrosion line on the listing vehicle wrong, as it needs to be aligned to the hull line, not the waterline - thanks for pointing it out, I completely missed it :)
Once this was fixed I gave the vehicles their names :)
Tito and Tarantula
I also added some unit and vehicle markings.
And then started weathering.
Part is brush painted, part is sponge-applied.

Ready for pigments

Here are the pigments applied and the spirit still wet.
Pigments in the dried state.
And with a coat of matte varnish.
Next I prepared for the illumination effects, by applying a first light white dry-brush.
And then the first colored light with the airbrush.
The howitzers muzzle flash together with the illumination effect
Not quite there yet.
Sorry for the blurry image.
Some of the light effects closer up.
And the final effect for the howitzer :)
Me likes :)
And last-not-least the Rambo in the rear hatch got his illumination effect.
This pretty much concluded the painting stage for the vehicles and the terrain. Next is the Infantry.
As I was prepping the troopers I realized the Gunner lost his head...quite literally :)
Digging through my heads box, I selected another Mad Robots head
And finally I applied a first coat of Terracotta base color.
Well, this is as far as I got over the last 2 weeks.
I hope the update was worth the wait :)
I look forward to your C&C.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (10)

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in updates, but my shoulder is acting up again ( ) and an operation seems to become more and more probable.
Nevertheless, I have a nice update for you.
As you may recall I was last working on creating a force field effect. Using clear plastic card and a hex pattern I came up with this:
Even though it's not sooooo bad looking I have to admit it's not what I envisioned.

So I decided to go without the effect - I reworked the structure of the "lava" and prepared everything for priming.
The desk reading for painting :)
I started with the port area, painting the stones, pipes and containers and boxes.

Without the force field I would have a lot of discussions about the vehicles swimming through lava.
So I decided to try something new.
Lets go for some green liquid - almost like chemical waste.
After the base color I added lighter shades of green
Looks like a rather "pleasant" swimming pool, doesn't it?
Satisfied with the water and the base colors for the harbour, I started to highlight the areas that will be affected by OSL - just a simple light white drybrush.
And then I started with the vehicles, using the standard Dencara Tiger Flash pattern ( )
To harmonize the vehicles with the water, I added some "scorch marks" to the paint job.
And since the liquid may be corrosive, I added some blank metal.

Finally I added first details to the vehicles.
Still a rather long way to go.
I hope you like today's update.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (9)

Hi all,
since the last update I had to complete the rivets of the 2nd PONOS.
Which in return completed the actual building phase of the diorama.
But what I definitely wanted to add was a firing effect for the PONOS' howitzer.
So I started with the base from plastic card and rod...
and then started to add Pro Create.
While this first batch of PC cured I sculpted the muzzle flash for the gunner - lets call him Rambo, shall we?
Additionally I decided to give the Medic a new head - one of the new heads thanks to Tim.
After the first batch of PC was cured I added more around the "fire ring"
as the effect I'm using as a pattern is kind of like this:

On the model it already starts to look good.
Rambo with his muzzle flash :)
Here you can see the underside of the fire ring for the howitzer effect.
And after another round of curing I finalized the fire effect.
I think this will look pretty cool in the scene.
And since today is all about effects, I also looked into the Force Field I want to represent.
So I looked at the stash of clear plastic material I have available...
And this is a first test.
I'm aiming at a hexagonal layout with the hex grid being clearly visible, and the "inside" of each hex being sprayed with an airbrush.
Satisfied with the initial layout I created the first force field and painted the hex-grid onto it (using Ice Blue and a second thinner line of a 50:50 mix white and Ice Blue)
And this is how it will be positioned around the PONOS.
Now imagine all the other stuff painted and the inside of the hexes "glowing" in a light blue....
I hope this will look as good as I am imagining it right now.
What do you think?
Will this work?