Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Gothica (5)

Hi all,
well progress is rather slow right now as the wife and house still need some attention ;)

But I got some painting done.
After I had my basic colors down I started to add the first shadows.
Oh, and I added a freehand to the shield
I started off with the coat and then did the chest armor.
I'm happy with the chest armor and the gems.
The dark areas of the chest armor already border close to black.
While I was happy with the chest armor and the gems, I was totally not satisfied with the coat.
So I re-painted the coat, smoother shades, less blue, more black.
It now fits better with the armor and everything. 
Once pleased with the new coat, I painted the arm.
There are quite a lot of transitions into almost black.
And last night I did the rest of the coat.
It's like 50 shades of black :)
So this is where I stopped last night.
In this video some of the paint is still wet...
but you get the idea I think :)
So what do you think?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gothica (4)

Hi all,
the first post of this year!
So Happy New Year to you :)

The move to the new house is complete and went well.
However my little man-cave is a lot smaller than my original Santa's workshop and I still play Tetris with the existing furniture to make everything fit.
It's complete chaos.

To gain space I decided to build a paint rack for my colors.
So I used a wooden board - 100 x 60 cm - and mounted L-shaped racks.
I thought with this I would have enough room to get all my paints stored...
Aehm, not quite 
So I built an additional rack for the smaller Citadel and GW paints, keeping the Vallejo in the main rack
The Scale75 paints are still in a box on the side (but I don't use them often, as I don't really like them).
Despite the racks, the man-cave is till chaos
But hey!
The book shelf looks orderly :)
Kind of :)

I left off last year with my Gothica being ready to be painted.
Since I want to have a specific light setting, I decided to take some photos of the model with the proper lights.
I printed some of these photos and keep them on my desk as guidance
With this covered I primed her black.
I had a basic idea of the colors she would wear, but wasn't sure if they'd work.
So I gave her a quick lick with these base colors.
I think they work well together.
But these colors would be "daylight" colors and not in the atmosphere I'm looking for.
My first attempt was to paint the desaturated colors and shadows on top of them
However this didn't work the way I wanted.
So I repainted her using a completely new (very limited) palette, based on ONE (dark blue-grey) color.
At first it wasn't quite convincing 
But once all colors were done with this palette it came together quite well.
So now I have all the base colors
in the proper atmosphere
and I can start adding
shadows and lights.
So what do you think?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gothica (3)

Hi all,
thank you for the feedback and suggestions.

Since my last post I was thinking a lot about adding a shield.
I don't know why, but somehow I have the feeling she needs a shield.

So here's the first try.
That was too big!
So I made it smaller and positioned it lower.
Putting this aside for a moment I finished her right arm by sculpting an armored glove.
Based on feedback from Facebook I decided to make the shield smaller once more.
That's a lot better now, and I think it balances the figure nicely.
I used Milliput to sculpt a leathery and worn finish.
In position.
I think the original sculpt of the shoulder (red) pretty much suggests the position of the arm and thus the position of the shield, does it not?
So here she is :)
Finally I added rivets to the shield and completed the brooch for the coat.
Gothica, the Vampire Warrior Princess :)
I'd like to call her (sculpting) complete. But I'll let her sit a few days before I decide.
In the meantime all the paints and stuff are already packed, so I won't be able to do anything else anyway ;)
The move is still scheduled for the 16th of December.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gothica (2)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback - it means a lot to me.

Speaking of feedback - on DakkaDakka it was pointed out that the weapon was probably too long and the shaft too thin.
I based the size on the original spear
But the new weapon has a bigger and heavier blade, so I cut the shaft shorter.
and started with the arm and shoulder armor.
Then I added ornaments to the shaft, making it thicker at the same time.
Looks better now (Thank you Anvildude)
obviously the lower part got the ornaments too.
Another armor section for the upper arm.
While the shoulder armor cured I added a new seam to the coat on the finished side.
Then the final shoulder section.
And the next evening I added a new seam and folds to the other side of the coat
Close to finished. I'll add a new ornament/medallion for the coat
So this is as far as I got.
What do you think?