Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (34)

Last night the main deck of the ATHENA underwent another major overhaul.
I wanted to reposition the aircraft lift to the rear, where it makes more sense and aircraft can then take off to the forward end of the ATHENA - against the wind.

So I cut the lift section (some say it looks like a pool - but in the final display it will carry an aircraft, so everyone will see what it is) out of the forward deck section and opened the space in the rear.

This is how it looks in place, together with the command island.

Here's a shot into the "guts" of the ATHENA - this is the left side, that still has to be done completely.

Lift and forward deck together with the Island in place.

Just for fun with the THANTALOS

Frontal view.

And a shot from the "good" side :)

In the meantime I conducted a very successfull image search on the net (most results came via "Inquisition") and collected a lot of images that I intend to use on the ATHENA - not all, but at least some...
Here's what I have for the HEAVEN section (mostly heroes and Inquisitors):

And this is for the HELL section:

I think this will give me plenty of options, but if you come across any good ones, don't hesitate to point me to them :)