Thursday, December 3, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (61)

Now that my short vacation is over, and my wife back from her trip, everything comes back to a normal pace.
So todays update is rather short compared to the last.

As I said, I wanted to cover the blotch of color with some battle damage and scorched paint. So first I chipped some pieces out of the plasticard and then I applied some black paint with the airbrush.
Then I added a plate of plasticard and rivets to simulate quick patching.

The plate will be painted in plain Astromican Grey, and the scratches and chips will be Boltgun and then some weathering.

I spent some hours adding details, and I can tell you by now I dread those good looking portholes. It is quite some work to cleanly paint the brass rims....

Right before finishing for teh night I added another sign.
"HQ MCMXIX - 1919 Atmospheric Strike Fleet". As you can see there is some room left on the rigth side. Maybe you have an idea for a short nickname? Or a logo?
Let me know

And the command island as of last night.