Monday, July 30, 2012

Cut'n'Crush Mega Dread (build)

So here is now the build process of the Mega Dread for the CAN OPENER diorama.

Since it has a claw and a cutting blad, it is called "Cut'n'Crush"

DAY 10
With CPT von Schneider out of the way it was time to start with the walker.
Since an important part of the scene will be interaction of von Schneider and the driva, I raided the Orks bits box first.
I decided to use a Gretchin as driver.

Hehe, the head with the goggles actually looks like his eyes are popping out by surprise :)

I quickly build the basic cabin and did a first positioning test.

In ya face!

Finally I created the base for the scene.

For this I used an old PC game case (World of Tanks), and old Leman Russ, and a lot of plaster.

Day 11

The next day I started to mount the arms. As the name Cut'n'Crush indicates he'll have a claw and a saw.
I try to make the position dynamic, with the left arm trying to reach up to the roof.
While the glue for the arms cured, I began with the legs.

Instead of the typical mega dread legs I decided to use chicken-sytle legs - like some of the titans have.

Finally I assembled all pieces, added the hydraulic pistons as well as mounts for the armor plates.

DAY 12

Lots of chopping, hacking, and trimming!

The armor plates nicely beef up the legs. Now they are a lot more in harmony with the cabin.

Speaking of the cabin.

Obviously it will not be an open front cabin (but for photo and display purposes the front cover/face will be removable).

What an ugly face!
One "eye" is ripped out, only cables hanging out.

And a final character for the diorama will be a surviving tanker.

He's wounded and hiding behind the wreck - waiting for a hero :)

DAY 13
And finally I added a whole bunch of rivets.

I mixed a whole lot of rivets of various sizes in a box, stirred them up good, and then applied them as chaotic as possible :)

Ready for priming!