Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Victors (6)

Sorry for the long silence, but I've been busy...
very busy :)
One of my first tasks was to extend the storage capacity for my Dioramas. So IKEA time it was.
By now I can build Detolf almost in my sleep :)
Over the next days I completed the paint job on the characters
Including the captured Ork
And finally Commissar Albrecht von Lucke.
Once the characters were painted I started with the AKTROS itself.
After a lot of pondering I decided to use the standard Dencara Tiger Flash pattern.
I added the "Nachtmahr" name tag, the unit ID and lots of little Details.
Then damage and weathering.
And finally everything back together...
So here it is:
The Victors (or "This is why we need such a Long gun")
The AKTROS heavy tank destroyer 331, also named “Nachtmahr”, of the 758th heavy tank hunter detachment belonging to the XIX Dencaran Guards returns to Xanthium after successful participation in Operation “Sawdust”.
Commandeered by CPT Robert zu Wilhelms the “Nachtmahr” scored 20 verified kills against mechanized Ork forces. Most kills were scored at night when, due to its superior night vision equipment Type “UHU” the “Nachtmahr” was able to secretly prey on its enemy while remaining itself invisible.
The “Nachtmahr” inflicted considerable fear among the enemy – especially at darkness, when with each destroyed vehicle its name was whispered among the ranks of the Orks:
“Der Nachtmahr – The Nightmare!”
The vehicle is lead back into Xanthium by Commissar Albrecht von Lucke, a member of the noble house of Drachenstein. He received his Commissar honors traditionally via heritage among the noble families of Dencara.
You can also find it on CMON:

I hope you like it.

P.S.: The next Project is already forming up in the back of my head :D