Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (9)

Hi all,
since the last update I had to complete the rivets of the 2nd PONOS.
Which in return completed the actual building phase of the diorama.
But what I definitely wanted to add was a firing effect for the PONOS' howitzer.
So I started with the base from plastic card and rod...
and then started to add Pro Create.
While this first batch of PC cured I sculpted the muzzle flash for the gunner - lets call him Rambo, shall we?
Additionally I decided to give the Medic a new head - one of the new heads thanks to Tim.
After the first batch of PC was cured I added more around the "fire ring"
as the effect I'm using as a pattern is kind of like this:

On the model it already starts to look good.
Rambo with his muzzle flash :)
Here you can see the underside of the fire ring for the howitzer effect.
And after another round of curing I finalized the fire effect.
I think this will look pretty cool in the scene.
And since today is all about effects, I also looked into the Force Field I want to represent.
So I looked at the stash of clear plastic material I have available...
And this is a first test.
I'm aiming at a hexagonal layout with the hex grid being clearly visible, and the "inside" of each hex being sprayed with an airbrush.
Satisfied with the initial layout I created the first force field and painted the hex-grid onto it (using Ice Blue and a second thinner line of a 50:50 mix white and Ice Blue)
And this is how it will be positioned around the PONOS.
Now imagine all the other stuff painted and the inside of the hexes "glowing" in a light blue....
I hope this will look as good as I am imagining it right now.
What do you think?
Will this work?