Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bian the Red (5)

Hi all,

wow the last week was very hot over here in Germany. We had between 30° and 40°Celsius (86°-104° Fahrenheit) for the last two weeks.
It was so hot, the paint dried before it reached the miniature ;-)

Actually I didn't really feel like painting at all, but since I have a contest deadline of July 10th I have to get moving.
Since the last update I applied all the base colors.
And then started to deepen the colors - mostly via several layers of washes.
And then started to work out the deeper shadows and highlights.
I have to admit I'm glad I took the light reference photos - it makes highlighting so much easier!
Last night I worked on finalizing most of the gold, gems and scales.
Now it is mainly re-painting the skin and work out the shadows and highlights.
I hope you like the progress so far :)
I look forward to your comments and feedback.