Friday, December 18, 2015

Green Tide II / Hot Recovery (1)

Hi all,

thank you all for your comments and condolences.
I'm very glad to see that so many of you are still around :)

Here's a little photoshop I did of our cats.

They are remembered well, and we both think back of all the good times we had with them. We're still giving us a bit more time, but we're absolutely sure, that we will soon (probably mid next year) have cats again :)

Well, as mentioned, the hobby itch seems to be back :D
The idea bouncing in my head is based on "Stemming the Green Tide" mixed with the "Tomb Raider" fluff section.
An expedition of the Crimson Guards sent to recover a valuable artifact. Not sure if it will be on Dencara or on another planet...
Just as they have finally discovered the sacred item and are about to recover it, they are attacked by Orks.
So it will be a "last stand" type of battle in a temple(?) ruin with the Crimson Guards against Orks.
From a composition point of view there will be a throne like feature at the top end of a long (stair) rise lit by blue-ish moonlight (a beam coming through a crack in the roof?), while the actual fighting, lit by the gun flashes will happen on the stairs below, with most of the Orks attacking out of the dark.

So, with this bouncing around my brain cage, I raided my Space Marine bits box.

Unfortunately I'm no longer in the possession of the Space Hulk throne piece with the dead Marine, but hey...

Still plenty of cleanup and GreenStuff necessary.

Some of the basic fighting poses.

These two in hand-to-hand combat - not sure if it will be a fist fight, or if the Marine will have a sword....

A fallen Marine in his last defense...

This will also be more of a hand-to-hand, close-in pose - maybe an Ork striking down with a big axe.

And (if I can make it look convincing) a downed Marine with an Ork on his back, trying to suffocate or choke him.

Well, this is as far as I got.
I think I will start building up the stairs next, so I can work on finalizing the poses.

What do you think?
Ideas, suggestions?
I look forward to your feedback.