Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Massive Voodo Painting Workshop in Heidelberg (24. - 26. Feb)

Hi all,

last weekend I had the luck and honor to get a seat in Massive Voodoo's Beginner Painting Workshop in Heidelberg.
Heidelberg is just around the corner from where I live (approx. 30 minutes drive), so I was very excited when I read the announcement and registered immediately. Which was a good thing, as all 26 seats were taken within 2 days.
The workshop was conducted by Roman Lappat and Peter Toth - two of the best miniature painters and really great guys!

The workshops victim is always a GW Demonette :)

It started on Friday around 18:00 and after set up and introductions Roman went straight into the workshop.
We started off with some presentations and putting the Demonette together - with a good part deflashing the mini.
Then more presentations on basing and composition. And by the end of the day (midnight) we had the basic base and the demonette assembled.

Since my goal for the workshop was to try some new things and colors for the current "Allayah and Barduch" diorama, I went with a simple temple base.

The next day (Saturday) started at 9:30 and we refined the base and got some more theory on light and atmosphere. For the workshop we were all to use zenital lighting.
With this in mind we went to prime the minis.
First a coat of black, then a spray of white and finally a directional coat of white indicating the light direction.




After lunch we had another theory session on lights and colors.
With the theme and atmosphere (color) in mind we started to paint the base.


After the atmospheric colors we started to apply the directional light.

Peter and Roman pushed me to use more and stronger light - main theme of the workshop for all was "DON'T BE AFRAID" - so I reworked some of the highlights.

Pretty exhausted by happy with the result I drove home 10 past midnight :)

Sunday started early again.
First we gathered around Roman with our bases and had to give our color choices for the Demonettes - which color and why.
I decided for a cold-warm contrast (as well as alien) and went for a blue skin color.

About every hour Roman would have us gather around him and he'd show some new techniques or tricks.
By late afternoon I was pretty much completed with the skin had the eyes and started on the leather.


Next Roman showed us color transitions for the claws - for which we gathered with our 'nettes.


I went for red/magenta claws and did a not-too-bad job on the transition - I think.

Then some more details

And finally the metal parts as well as final mounting and smoothing on the base - special effects for some (i.e. snow, moss, etc.)

A final review of the Demonettes (some still missing on this image).

It was a great workshop and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you Roman, thank you Peter, thank you David for organizing, and thank you to all the others for the great company.
If you have the chance to attend a MV workshop, even if it isn't around the corner (Maike drove a good 400km), I can only recommend it!
BTW, the best Demonette (in my opinion) was Markus' under water 'Nette!
<iframe src="" width="500" height="484" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

OK, last not least, some images of my finished Demonette: