Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm back :)

Finally I am able to get back to meodelling and start new projects.
It has been a while, and I now wear glasses :)

Ok, so the new project is called "ZEUS" and will be a super heavy for the Dei Greci.
I have allready posted some info on the WIP site:

The idea is to have a vehicle that carries a large array of weapons, as well as a troop of infantry, and maybe a fast attack vehicle (or an Orgryn troop?).
In the Hull it will sport a centrally mounted Demolisher, while the engines are to the left an right. Behind the Demolisher/Engines it will carry two Vanquisher turrets.
In the sponsons there will be a Lascanon/Flamer combi, as well as it will host the infatry there - a rough ride.
Then the actual huge monster turret will have the main armament - not sure if it will be Volcano cannon (but that would probably need another engine itself), Plasma Blastgun, or a "normal" Baneblade gun.

For images (before I make a proper posting here) you can check the Photobucket album:

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