Monday, June 23, 2008

ZEUS super heavy (6)

While casting the tracks, I continued with the first Vanquisher turret.

As you can see, the gun is not exactly like the original Vanquisher, but I think it comes close enough :)
Next on the list are some small AA turrets. For this I used two LasGuns from the Sentinels and built them into a small turret. The Turret is equipped with a Radar - looking like the winged skull.

Here it is in the folded down mode:
and here, maximum elevation.
After doing one side, I also have to do the other, so another Vanquisher and another AA turret. Somehow the cutting wasn't so exact, so I had to do quite some puttying.....

And here is a first view of how and where they will be positioned on the ZEUS deck.

Another project will be some twin heavy stubbers that I'm going to add like on the Gorgons. So I built the first pieces:

Well, and another piece needs t be done, the large track wheels for the ZEUS. Each side will require 3 of them.
So it is time to create another master, and prepare it for casting:
As you can see, a large vehicle requires large wheels :)

And the casting itself:
Top are the two pieces for the small wheels, in the middle are the two pieces of the large wheel, and at the bottom the tracks.


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