Friday, February 13, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (21)

Next was the base coat in black.

Then I started with the AA-turret, by painting the rims of the ornaments with Brazen Brass.
And then I filled the area with skulls. The skulls are not very detailed or realistic, they are just "paint for effect".

More Brass for the Radar dish, painted the cables and lenses.

Then the upper superstructure received a dry-brushing in Boltgun metal, giving it a worn and weathered look. Again, brass trimming of the ornaments.
Then I added the first slogan icon.
"Concedo nulli" I give way to noone.
Then came the slogan flag, nice blood-red.

And the slogan "Time me, quod ego tua apocalypsis sum" - Fear me, I am your apocalypse. I think this nicely fits the ZEUS.

To complete the picture I added skulls too.

This will look nice in the end!
Then the other side. This icon is based on an image by Frank Frazetta.
Then came another slogan flag - this time I wnated to try a black flag.
Plus the slogan "Bellum omnuim pater" - War is the father of all things.
And about 100 skulls later...

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  1. Looking great! I'd love to see you do a space hulk type board when this is done. Your steampunk style would really fit the motif, I think.