Friday, February 20, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (24)

Since I got tired of painting all these skulls I wnated to try something different.
I figured another slogan would be nice.
Maybe something involving the XIX Regiments Name.
Hmm.... lets try..... about....a skull!
Yeah, that'd be something completely different :-)

I only had a rough sketch in my head, so I began with the outlines in thinned Bleached Bone

Then I filled these outlines with more thinned BB and also did the XIX with Shining Gold.

Then some shading, Goblin Green for the laurel wreath, Gore Red for the eye sockets, and Skull White for the teeth.

Some highlighting with Skull White and a mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White

And another slogan:
"Si Imperatus nobiscum quis contra nos?" - "With the Emperor on our side, who shall be against us?"

Then completed the small-skull pattern around it, leaving the insides of the XIX black and letting the pattern kind of fade on the left

Mounted the fender back on the ZEUS

Whaddaya think?

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