Thursday, January 6, 2011

Along comes da Spida! (2)

Thanks guys,
well the Spida comes together quite nicely. I'm sure he will look stunning in the diorama, but even as a stand-alone he'll look good.

So after some more highlighting and detailing I added oil and grease stains around the joints and pistons.

They may look a bit strong on those images, but on the real model they blend in nicely.

This was after the first evening (2 legs and exhausts done).

Here you can see Teddy the grease inspector checking on progress :)

Here all the stains are applied.

Oily and greasy.

Then I outlined the icons, giving them a bit more presence on the Spida.

Then I started to add battle damage and weathering. First the dark grey basing.

Boltgun Metal around the claws ends (since it walks on them, the paint will constantly chip off)

And finally all damages and weathering done (it will receive some rust and dust pigmenting once in the diorama, but this will have to wait till the diorama base is completed, so all minis will fit and blend in).

Detail shots:
Some of the forward claws will also receive some blood stains.

So what do you think?
Does it look real and scary enough?
Eventhough the turret isn't done, it looks great on it :)

So, next will be the gun platform and the gun itself.