Monday, May 30, 2011

Line Breaker update (2)

Hello all,

well, not much I can show you, as the rules for the contest don't allow it.

Nevertheless, here you can see (not) the completed base as well as the first piece on it :)

And this is the rest that still needs to be painted...

Unfortunately I had promised my wife earlier this year, to renovate my hobby room exactly last week - which completely messed up my schedule for the competition.
But, here it is :)
My new airbrush area

and my new display area

Well, tonight is the final evening to paint things up :(

I won't be able to get everything finished, so it will be only 90% painted, but I think the model(s) itself will be "kick ass" and help me get at least some votes *fingerscrossed*

I will let you know when the vote is up so you can see all the entries (and guess which is mine)