Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nighthawk (10) and "Line Breaker Contest"

Hello guys,
thanks for your feedback :)


Hello Marcin,
thanks for taking your time digging through all of my
brabbeling :)
I hope you can enjoy it and find some pieces inspirational to
In regards to the STRIX, yes it has many parents - main inspiration was
the Bf 110 (
and Me 210 (,
but also the AR-240 (
and the A-26 Invader (
had their share.
Well, in the meantime I did a bit of painting - even though not as much as I hoped.

Here the base colors for the coveralls, leather jacket, webbing ect are applied.

And this is as far as I got.

First highlights on the webbing, fur, coveralls and the leather.

Actually I'm pretty pleased with the look so far.

Unfortunately for this project, but very fortunate for me, my favourite forum
WORK IN PROGRESS is having another competition:


New ‘Line Breaker’ competition.

The new competition to keep all you conversion, scratch building and gaming addicts
active this Spring is this – Line Breakers and Bunker Busters.

A fairly open brief on this competition to allow entries from all games and all levels.
We want to see your finest spearhead to break through the enemy's defensive
lines. Everything designed for routing enemy positions regardless of game
system, from bombards and sappers to siege engines and battering rams.

We will accept conversions, scratchbuilds or straight out of the box
builds in any scale. Any race/army accepted and encouraged and any rules system!

Since the competitions at WIP are really anonymus I won't be able to post any updates and progress images of it.

But I'm really excited - I think I have a cool idea and am working on the concept right now. It will be quite a bit of work, but I hope a lot of fun :)

So please bear with me and accept my appologies for the scheduled "radio silence" while I work on my LINE BREAKER entry.