Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dust Tactics Starter Pack (3)

Thanks for all your comments.

Okidus asked about the scale of the models and if they'd fit into 40K.
Well here's a shot with a Kasrkin Sergeant.

With an AT-43 Medic

A DKoK Banner Bearer

And a Tales of War pilot.

Standard IG Sergeant (I appologize for the crappy paint job, this was one of my first IG minis)

So all-in-all not too bad.

One could probably designate them inhabitants of a low-gravity world. They are slimmer and a tad taller than the standard IG dudes - not as blocky.

Here are some shots with standard IG Lasguns

Again the 40K stuff looks bulkier, but otherwise, I think it would work.

Red commented: "Would be a heck of a lot cheaper to use them than buy plastic cadian/catachan IG models"

When I read this I thought "No that's not true, the Dust stuff is just as expensive if not even more expensive"

But then I looked at the GW sites and DUST site...

DUST Battle Grenadiers (5ea) = 19.95$ or 11.99.-€ (Amazon)

DUST Recon Grenadiers (5ea) = 14.95$ or 7.99.-€ (Amazon)

DUST Laser Grenadiers (5ea) = 14.95 or 13.99.-€ (Amazon)

compared to

WH40K Cadians (10ea) = 29.- $ or 22.75.-€

So unless you take the Battle Grenadiers, 10 DUST minis would be cheaper than 10 GW Cadians

Looking at the Walkers, you can get

DUST Axis Walker (1ea) = 24.95$ or 11,70.-€ (Amazon)


WH40K Sentinel (1ea) = 30.- $ or 25.-€

But I think one could also compare the DUST Walkers more with the Russ' of 40K and then its

WH40K Leman Russ (1ea) = 49.50 $ or 39.-

So it is really true, the DUST models would be cheaper than the 40K models, but again in several respects they are less flexible. But with a good mix of bits from 40K you can get a nice, diversified strike force for less money.

I hope this was helpful to you guys :)