Monday, August 8, 2011

Unwrapped: Dust Tactics Starter Pack

After reading several favourable posts in the various forums I visit, I decided to order the current DUST: Tactics started pack (before the newer, smaller one is released later this year).
I was very surprised by the size and weight of the pack - it ranges in the same league as Space Hulk for that matter.
(Please excuse the quality of the images, I quickly took them during lunch)

So what's in the box?

Dust Tactics includes:

  • One platoon of allies, comprised of 2 walkers, 15 soldiers, and Captain Joseph Brown.

  • One platoon of the axis, comprised of 2 walkers, 15 soldiers, and Colonel Sigred Von Thaler

  • 4 Ammo Crates and Two Tank Traps

  • 9 two-sided Cardboard Terrain Tiles

  • 12 Unit Cards (6 allied and 6 axis)

  • 12 custom dice

  • 18 two-sided Terrain Squares

  • Rulebook

  • Quick-start rules

  • "Blue Thunder" campaign scenario booklet
Here you can see the soldiers, the tank traps and ammo crates as well as the dice, unit cards, terrain cards and the rules.

Here are the 4 walkers that are included.

The Infantry consists of 2 pieces and the level of detail is simply great. The plastic is softer than GW stuff.

Also incuded is a small comic.

The rules - you can download the updated Core Rules (containg already the rules updates from the 2 add-ons) for free at Fantasy Flight Games

The Battle Book contains the scenarios.

A Quick Start Card is also included.

Terrain Tiles

The front side contains pavement and the back contains Ice, frozen ground.

These are the terrain squares, adding feature to the terrain.

And finally the Unit Cards containing all the info needed for each unit.

It all looks great.

Quality is really superb and the rules look quite simply and fun.

I will provide some more info as I get deeper into the product and maybe I'll do some modding :)
But I'll definately keep you posted on the painting.