Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rear Guard (1)

Thank you for your comments.
It is nice to see there are still people reading my blog :)
I especially thank you for the condolences.

Well, last night I continued with the "Rear Guard" diorama and built the stage.
For this I used the HIRSTARTS molds I purchased last year for the Tar'Akoona model.( )
I have the molds #41 (Gothic Dungeon Accessories), #43 (Gothic Panel Acceesories), #45 (Gothic Dungeon Builder), #56 (Tomb Mold), and #100 (Basic Blocks Small Mold).

With these I build the arcs for the door,

and the stairs leading to the door.

When combined together it looks like this.

In the finished scene there will be a huge metal blast door in the opening, labeled "Launch Pad 5"
, there will be some access panels, a neon tube light, cables ect.

So these two will be the rear guard, defending the door to the launch pad, while the "rest" will make their escape....from whoever the attacker is (I don't think I will add any enemies, so it will be up to the viewers fantasy).

I hope you like it.