Friday, April 27, 2012

Rear Guard (2)

Todays update is rather small.
Over the last two days I poured the base for the Rear Guard diorama. The floor will be "tiled" with some mosaic patterns on it.
Here you can see the pencil scetch (as seen from the blast door/steps).

Over the better part of two hours I engraved the lines, using the scribing tool visible in the back.
There's a small video on this matter available on Youtube:

As you can see, the main logo isn't done yet, but my fingers were pretty sore last night :-P

And this is how it will look assembled.

You can also see, both pieces don't align perfectly yet. There are still some pieces underneath the steps I need to shave off, to make the two pieces align better.

That's it for today.

The weekend will be very busy with social activites, so I'm not sure if I'll have any updates on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend :)