Friday, February 1, 2013

Sedition Wars Kickstarter arrived

Last Year I backed several projects via Kickstarter.
and it arrived yesterday.
I did pledge "Biohazard" level and most of it arrived yesterday.

So here we go:
Here you can see the box, the signed certificate, the extra Vanguard patch, the custom dice, the additional Vanguard and Strain models.

Once opening the box one can see the original 50 miniature, the dice, the stat cards, and special markers.

In addition are these 5 double sided game boards
 and the counters and markers.

There are more than 100 stat cards for Strain and Vanguard, all beautifully illustrated


and finally the 60 page rules and scenario booklet





 So these are the contents.
All look first class and very detailed.
Over the next few days I may be able to take a closer look at the miniatures and maybe how they compare to 40K.