Thursday, April 18, 2013

DR. NORK - The Ork with the Golden Missile (15)

The final stretch!
As mentioned previously, I really want to finish this babe.
And I did it :)
Here you can see the first two IG troopers in their final attire. 
Commander Cain at DakkaDakka was a bit concerned about the camo pattern on the attack shield,
But I think with the shading and OSL effects form the muzzle flash it works quite well.
I finished the other IG troopers, without taking any progress images
As a final step I added light effects to the background, in an attempt to sort the scene and set focal points.
Here you can probably see, the lighter area where the attack team enters and on the science platform, while the entire floor area is considerably darker - as well as most of the walls. 
The very last thing I did was create a tag for the diorama
So tonight I will spend a most of my time to get some good images,
as these simply don't show the final result and the OSL.
It's going to be hard to get good images, showing details and atmosphere
But I'm D.O.N.E!
Desk is cleaned and ready for the photo set up.
The first project of 2013 :)
Thank you all for your support, comments, feedback, suggestions and simple spiritual power that helped me finishing this up :)
Thanks, without you I wouldn't have finished it.