Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Victors (2)

Hi all,

today's update is mainly around the soldiers accompanying the Nachtmahr.
However, here is one image from the Dr. Nork diorama I didn't want to hold back, as it shows the colors of the scene very well I think.
This here is one of the soldiers walking besides the tank.
He's obviously wounded, but still fit and happy enough to show the Victory sign with his right hand.
I also mounted the standard to the flag bearer.
The tank commander received some ornaments on his shoulders (closing gaps and hiding some of the shaving marks).
In the meantime I prepared the base with instant plaster.
I use this plaster, since I know that it cracks up while drying - giving it the ancient look I want.
I think I mentioned it previously that I want to have an captured Ork tied to the rear of the tank.
I used this model since it is rather bare and tiny, combined with the larger head, he looks a bit strained and starving.
But still energetic enough to snarl his defiance to the audience...
The bow gunner received his arms and will be holding a drink (maybe a cup of coffee).
This soldier also got his final cleanup and arms :)
The flag bearer is raising his fist in triumph
The driver is limited to his controls - ensuring not to roll over the goose stepping Commissar in front of the Nachtmahr.
The commander, cool and in control.
The loader also makes a (very limited) appearance and waves at the crowd.
Another trooper in the rear deck, with his fist in the air.
And another Victory sign.
And the group shot
Compared to the original
Tonight will be Commissar time.
I have to cleanup his boots and sculpt the coat.
If the plaster is completely cured, I can start on scribing the cobblestones (oh, sore fingers lie ahead...)
I hope you like today's update.