Friday, March 28, 2014

The Prototype (2)

Hi all,

very little progress as time is still fleeting, but an update nevertheless.
 I added some recoil dampeners and a breech mechanism to the gun.
And I built a "sight" for the gunner. Since it is a prototype still in research and testing, the sight box is open, as a technician can access it.
Next I looked into a more independent sight for the commander, using the design I used on the POLEMOS Urban Attack Vehicle.
Here you can see the mounted gunner sight.
But what about the commander sight?
Is that looking OK? Or should I find a better position?
Any ideas?

Since I want to add an auto-loader mechanism that may be visible I created some ammunition.
For this I put a section of plastic card rod into my drill
And then run it first across a rasp
and then over some sandpaper.
And with a little practice I get these nice shells :)
With the idea to cast some more....
After the first test cast for the ammo was successful I added some "Dencara-style" lights to the former Sherman,
added some details to the engine and added first rivets.
And this is how the little low profile tank hunter looks as of today.
So what do you think, anything major still missing?
What about the commander sight?
I look forward to your C&C.