Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (7)

Hi all,
thank you for the feedback and recommendations.

First I added the exhausts.
I kept them relatively simple, as I have to adjust the lava around it too. But at least I gave them some flaps to keep water (and lava) out.
Next part of detailing were the large hatches on the side.
Mounted they look pretty neat.
The hatches for the crew compartment and lids for the storage containers were next.
I also had the idea of a soldier standing in one of the hatches and providing fire support.
For this I used the Mad Robot Flak Vest Torso, M60 gunner arms, a set of fatigue legs, and a CDF head. 
For the proper leg position I had to do some cutting :)
And after some greenstuffing and detailing with accessories the guy looks really good.
I'm quite pleased.
That's it for today :)
I hope you like today's update.