Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Clay Sculpting (2)

Finally finding the time to post some more work-in-progress images.
This time it the "Slug Hunter".
Since this year was apparently a very good year for slugs and our garden was rather infested with them, I was wishing for a creature to hunt them.

With this in mind I decided to create a little Garden Ork that's hunting slugs.
Initially I wanted to pose him on a dead slug, but changed it to maintain a more pleasant appearance :P

The basic pose
First details, like the boots and belly button.
The boots also received some clasps.
Knee pads.
Then I created some bracelets, a belt, loincloth, and a vest.
And then it was time for the most dangerous part of the project.
Removal of the skeleton aperture.
Luckily I was able to remove everything without major damage.
So I was able to add more details, like pouches and a small skull
A shield, in the form of a shell on his back.
And I started with the "face" for the slug.
with the body mostly complete, I started on the hunters head, starting with the hair.
Then the basic eyebrows and lips
Starting with the eyes
And adding the long nose
Fits the pose.
Finished face.
Some final cleanup and it's ready for curing and the oven.
The idea for this little character was to have a little light sculpture for the garden.
There are lots of cheap, solar powered LED lights available. But usually they are simple lights or flowers.
Initially I thought of another Ork - like the Slug Hunter - holding a lantern.
Then I remembered an "Scrooge" bust I once saw. I can't remember much, other that Scrooge was in a night gown and a sleeping cap, holding a candle, and a frowning facial expression.

So I thought about a garden creature that was disturbed in his lair, and checking out the surroundings, holding his lantern.

I started with the basic shape.
So he's holding his night gown and holding out his lantern.
A wooden stick in his arm will ensure it is hollow and I can run a cable through.
Smoothing the robe and adding folds and creases.
To transport the idea further I decided to have him coming out of a ground hole, checking the area.
But for this I also needed a door.
While the door cured to a certain steadiness I started the head.
A hopefully investigative facial expression
and a night cap :)
Mounting the door - supported by a coffee mug.
Next I built the lantern.
quite some delicate cutting.
Until he's burnt, he will only hold the lop of the lantern, while the body will be separate.
Once everything is burnt, I can mount the LED through his arm.
I hope you like this update and I look forward to your comments and feedback