Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Hunt (8)

Hi all,
Thank you for your support :)

Well, the collage image of the raptor and rider is up on Coolminiornot ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/379405 ) and scoring pretty good, with currently 9.1 :)
Thank you for voting!

As mentioned earlier, I also want to make a diorama depicting her together with her pray, a hell-boar or fire-pig. You already saw the finished sculpt.
So here it is primed, but with the addition of some extra flames.
I then gave the hell-boar a dry brush with Boltgun Metal and a hefty wash with Baal Red.
Plus some extra brown and black washes to tone everything back down.
I then started painting the deep lines with a dark red
Followed by a thinner line of lighter red
Then some orange mixed into it
Even thinner line with some yellow-orange
More yellow
Slowly the temperature is rising ;)
And done!
Next was to plan the actual scene....
So I built a base plate together with a backdrop
Then some ground work
another positioning test with both actors
and after re-arranging them I started to place some rocks, wood and steppe grass.
The finished (unpainted) ground
And the actual scene
For the backdrop I had the idea to paint some motion blur background to give a sense of speed...
Well, THAT didn't work the way I wanted it :P

So back to the drawing board, or maybe I try some photoshopping and print something like this
I think this would work.
What do you think?