Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rumble in the Rubble (3)

Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback :)
Despite battling the flu last week, this is a rather large update.

Last week I worked a lot on the "Crumpa" and first was it's Powa Claw.
For the "fingers" I used 3mm plastic card (which I had to cut with a saw rather than a knife) 
With pistons and stuff it looks menacing enough, doesn't it?
Then I decided I needed a gunner with a machine gun - at least to make use of the smaller ammo I created :)
So I used a Gretchin (the one the usually holds a pistol) and gave him some big, fast dakka 
and a belt of ammo
Which looks cool on the roof of the CRUMPA
Then I completed the Claw arm and added rivets in all sizes.
And a staging test on the base together with the EPIALES
At this point of time I decided on a more "surprised" stance of the CRUMPA and set him more off balance.
Pleased with this arrangement I started to build up the barricade.
and orkified it :)
The EPIALES still had some pieces to be worked on.
First the rivets
Then the track skirts - I decided to go with half-size, full metal skirts.
Basic fitting.
And some damage after urban use.
Did I tell you yet I hate rubber tracks?
I really do - and these old ones seem to repel any glue - regardless if PVA, Super Glue, Plastic glue or anything else.
After hours of trying and experimenting it was finally UHU Flinke Flasche that did the trick.

So, with the tracks mounted the scene looked like this.
The tanks needs a crew.
A cool crew :)
And the scene needs some more combatants - a half-squad of Combat Engineers maybe?
Including a baffled Sergeant :)
And some Orks on the other side.
And this completed the scene...
but I decided to go back to a less surprised stance for the CRUMPA and I re-positioned him a bit.
Time to paint!
I started with the base
Lots of tone-in-tone work, lots of greys.
Then I started to paint the cockpit.
and applied a base color to the CRUMPA
Then I added some colored panels
And finally added metal to the pistons and springs.
That's as far as I got.

What do you think?