Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (108)

Hi all,

I'm back :)
The trip to Scotland was great!
We had excellent weather,
visited SAS country,
did some boat trips,
listened to many Pipers,
and enjoyed the local pub-live :)
Scotland really is worth the trip :)

And against fears, the ATHENA was still on my desk when I got back, and she continued to draw me to her.
I think this time I'll finish her.

The first thing I did was to extend the "clean-and-paint" scene.
So I added some platforms
and extended the areas already re-painted.
The entire front of the ATHENA is now freshly painted,
while the rest is being worked on.
The Tech-Priest has already added his instructions and paint guide.
And here on the right, I will add a welding scene.
Similar to what I did for the "Prototype" dio.
Here you can get a rare glimpse of the underside.
As you can see most of the paint is already "stripped" and some rust resilient paint applied.
While completing most of the body paint, I was thinking about adding another piece to the nose area.
This is the first sketch.
But first I had to complete the rest of the paint job.
Top deck and radar completed.
I added the paint with the closed armored shutters over the windows.
But mounted them open.
Top deck and railing completed.
I also completed the railings for the main deck.
And the rotors.
One of the rotors is already painted in rust-resilient paint
With the body completed I started with the weapon systems - like the
KERES Forward Rocket Launcher System  
Then I painted the Hydras.
And the NEMESIS Mk MCMLXIX CWIS Trieste Pattern
Wow, this really felt like the final spurt.
Only some more weapons!
The PHRIKE Quad Lasguns and POLEMOS Mk XV Fuzz Pattern AA-System
The last piece!
So I decided to add another Athena image to the nose area.
Pretty stylized
and golden.
Yesterday I had some daytime hobby time and was able to build the stand for the ATHENA.
I used some 4mm Plexiglas.
Wit this I can add the belly-mounted AA system and it generally looks like flying :)
I'm pretty pleased with the result - first time working with Plexiglas.
And I decided I need a proper backdrop for her. I still had some mounted canvases around and splashed some paint on it :)
Sorry for the blurry pic.
And last not least I finished the nose image.
I still have to add the slogans to the two flags on the observation deck to finish the ATHENA itself.
After that I will paint the various crew members and painters.
MAYBE (but that's a large maybe) I'll add a shuttle scene to the landing deck, where a high ranking representative is landing and being welcomed...
We'll see.

Wow guys!
It's been quite a trip from here

And I thank you all for being part!
I can't count all the comments, suggestions and encouragement you provided.