Monday, June 27, 2016

HERMES Shuttle (4) - ATHENA Steampunk Airship (112)

Hi all,

thank you for the feedback and comments.

but also the VIP style.
Since this is the personal shuttle of Governess Felicitas zu Hammerstein it needs her coat of arms.
Her house is also symbolized by the golden Griffin.
Which is needed on both sides.
For the VIP I decided on a more Inquisitorial symbol.
The whole shuttle.
For the other side too... 
And this is now the finished HERMES shuttle - VIP version.
On the ATHENA deck
With the Dencara background.
And her current residence in my office.
With this now completed I began painting the crew.
First is of course the piper.
Here's the start of the tartan pattern.
And the finished pattern.
I hope you like the look so far.
While I still have a lot to do - painting the 23 crew characters that is - I'm already thinking forward to the next projects.
Plenty lot of ideas :)

Aurelius 12 Reborn on Warseer suggested:
Dare I open up the floodgates by asking if you're considering modular cargo as your next project.
Which re-kindled an old idea I already had.
An Airborne Assault!
And with the HERMES I think I have a nice delivery vehicle.
Probably based on something like this here:
Even though I think of an "almost touch down" of a militarized version of the HERMES maybe on a hilltop and the troopers leaving the assault pod - more seats, bigger doors.
I hope I can restraint myself from starting until I have the 23 painted :D