Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Hunting Beast (2)

Thank you guys!

@ Malevengion - now that's a word :)
Remember there's Tar'Akoona, the Raptor of The Hunt, and Artemis of the Dragon Rider

@Optimus - thanks. Unfortunately the link was outdated. But as you can read below I found a good solution.

- thank you Mate! Glad to see you're still with me :)

As mentioned I wasn't quite happy with the thickness and sturdiness of the wing skin, so I decided to make the skin thicker.
For this I created a two-layer skin 
with a layer of aluminum foil in between.
That's now relatively thick and sturdy.
The two skin types in comparison (left is the thinner original skin)
For the already sculpted wing, I removed the already burned skin.
Tip to yourself:
"Don't recycle too much - after a while the aluminum foil gets too fragile and disintegrates"
It was quite a task to remove all the little bits of foil.

But the finished result was worth it.
The wing with the new thick skin.
Looks good!
After some cleanup and improvement (this time with Green Putty) I did another position check with the girl.
The wings are rather massive, so I have to change her position a bit.
Due to the weight the wings now tilt forward and I have a rather large gap to fill.
Since I can't fit the whole dragon including wings into the oven, I have to use self-curing GreenStuff to sculpt the wing base.
But I think this works just fine :)
I still have to do the second wing, but I'm quite happy.
So what do you think?
I look forward to your comments and feedback.