Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Hunting Beast (3)

Hi all,
again it's been a bit since the last update. Sorry, but I had the stomach flue - shitty indeed ;)

@ Malevengion   - you are right, they [the horns] are small, but actually they are of simply a decorative nature. To be of an offensively nature they had to be also positioned quite differently.
So, I'll keep them as they are ;)

@Courtney Hollyoake  - thank you! I hope you like the progress.

@ Optimus - Wow, thank you for the link! This is quite nifty. I think I'll try to use it for the little Fire Lizard.
Thanks Mate!

So, what happened since the last update?
I completed the wings base and now have a (hopefully) seamless transition from shoulder to wing.
and this completed the actual build of the dragon :)
So it was time to look at the girl.
I repositioned her arms and filled the gaps with SuperSculpey.
As you can see I plan to position a Fire Lizard (similar to the ones from the "PRINCESS") on her right arm.
With the position defined I sculpted and burned the arms.
And then came the most frustrating part of the project so far.
For once I started to feel sick in the stomach and the head/face didn't come along at all.
Actually I planned something "alien" - extraterrestrial human - but the first 3 or 4 results were just crappy :(
This was the first face that came close to my vision, but the head was completely wrong.
So I cured the face with the heat-gun and left the rest soft.
Once the face and hand was completely cured I re-sculpted the head.
As you can see I went for an elongated head and "different" ears.
With a view up to the sky, a slight smile around her mouth - maybe looking at another Fire Lizard?
Next I went from SuperSculpey to self-curing Green-Stuff.
I gave her some lashes - again alien - and started with her clothes.
After the pants I started the bra.
First details.
The bra finished and the right shoe started.
If you've worked with GreenStuff before, you probably know that you can only work in small sections and then you have to let it cure - otherwise the danger of destroying your work is way too great.
In addition I always wear plastic gloves - so I don't leave fingerprints.
In case you wonder about the GreenStuff on her left arm....well, I dropped her and it broke her arm, so I had to fix it.
In addition she got a neckband.
More on the legs.
First details for the shoes.
The Overknees.
And starting with the jacket.
And this is as far as I got.
What do you think?

I really look forward to your feedback and ideas.
What do you think about the alien face?
Should she get some hair?
Anything missing?

Thank you!