Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

With the built completed I sculpted some muzzle effects for the scene.
I only did 4 in total - 2 for the Machine Guns, one for a rifle, and one for the Flamethrower :)
And with this, everything was ready for priming
Disassembled and awaiting the primer...
Back on my desk I re-poured the water effects for the blood.
I'm still not happy with it.
It seems to vanish again...
After 48 hours it was still sticky and I got tired of letting it cure.

The following images are only tests for the light setting.
First I added the light from the fires and muzzle flashes.
Me likes alot

After the light effects from the flames I tried to apply the light effects from the navigation and landing lights.
After these I still had to do the interior light for the passenger bay
Wow, this is just the color, but I think this looks great already!
But two lessons learned:
  1. the landing gear lights are too blue - I need to find a better color or at least tone it down
  2. The passenger bay looks good, but engineering is useless - may as well close it
So I took the removable side and cut it to cover the engineering section

This will look better.
The blood effects really suck!
Nevertheless, I now started to paint for real - all in toned down colors to fit the nightly scene.
I also painted a first trooper.
As you can see I tried to do a skeleton scheme... 
And I completed the first paint phase for the Captain
I like him, and I hope he'll look better once done and in the light effects.
What do you think?
I look forward to your feedback and suggestions!