Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hi all,
how are you?
The work in the house is coming closer, so I'm trying to get this project done in the little time left.

After the initial light sketch and the base painting for the characters it was time to start with the THANATOS itself.
For this I closed the interior part again.
For the already painted TC I used this children's clay.
The basic urban flash camo pattern.
With details, ready for the first dirt wash.
Not clean at all :)
Some washes later it is ready for first weathering.
As you probably know I prefer the sponge method for weathering.
Based on a product from Greenstuff-World I decided to build my own "sponge-pen"
Really simple, using the foam from a blister pack.
But it works like a charm.
And I feel I have better control of the sponge than before.
Now the THANATOS looks like a tried workhorse.
And it is now ready to go back onto the stage.
The whole scene re-assembled.
And the first light effects in white.
Then the blue for the navigation lights.
The brighter blue for the landing lights.
And the flame effects.
I really like it so far.
What do you think?
Suggestions, improvements?
Anything you'd change?
Please let me know :)