Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Gothica (5)

Hi all,
well progress is rather slow right now as the wife and house still need some attention ;)

But I got some painting done.
After I had my basic colors down I started to add the first shadows.
Oh, and I added a freehand to the shield
I started off with the coat and then did the chest armor.
I'm happy with the chest armor and the gems.
The dark areas of the chest armor already border close to black.
While I was happy with the chest armor and the gems, I was totally not satisfied with the coat.
So I re-painted the coat, smoother shades, less blue, more black.
It now fits better with the armor and everything. 
Once pleased with the new coat, I painted the arm.
There are quite a lot of transitions into almost black.
And last night I did the rest of the coat.
It's like 50 shades of black :)
So this is where I stopped last night.
In this video some of the paint is still wet...
but you get the idea I think :)
So what do you think?