Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ice Warriors (2)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

Since the last update I completed the body of the second Necron.
The little chasm got several washes with black, giving it some depth.
Now the lights on the little crawlers get a bit more focus.
I even added a third crawler all the way down.
And I experimented some with a fluorescent color and black light :)
Works on the Gothica too 
I admit I got sidetracked with the fluorescent color for two days and had to re-paint the entire shield...
But the result seems to be OK
So the Necrons are now mostly done.
And now it is time for the Knight.
I gave her another spray of white to simulate zenithal light.
and then painted the red armour.
It was a very frustrating experience and I stripped the whole paint once already.
but now I think this will work
 I know the photos are pretty crappy
But this is as far as I got.
So what do you think?