Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A New Project

Hi all,

now that I have risen from the sick bed it's time to start a new project report.
I started this one right as I finished the Ice Warriors and before the flu got me.

For this project I have no name yet, so I will ask for your help later on :)
This will be none of my usual action scenes, but rather an "after the battle".

For this I selected the central figures to be a Chapter Master/General dead or dying.
He will be held by a Space Marine and a third figure will be a Eisenkern Valkyr standing by them.
This guy needed some extensive cutting and gluing to get the pose I had in mind.
They'll be surrounded by many dead.
For the dead I raided my "cleaning bath" in which a ton of old models were stored. The Detol cleaned the colors pretty well.
And it gave me enough corpses to work with.
After the dead were positioned I also added some dead Orks.

While the dead piles are glued in place, the central figures are removable.
I really love how the Valkyr turned out.
Together with the head from Mad Robot Miniatures this makes a great character.
And just as the flu struck, I had all the actors in place.
On Wednesday I was finally well enough to leave the bed for a few hours and so I immediately set out to work on the scene.
Here is the primed scene.
Then I used the airbrush to create my light-sketch, which will hopefully set the focus on the central characters.
The idea to support the light sketch is to use a very limited palette, based on the dark blue-gray color I used in the sketch.
So I started off with the green of the Ork skin
Then the "Flecktarn" Ork uniforms.
It's quite challenging to mix the uniforms distinctively enough to separate them, yet keep them in the same saturation range...
Here I'm almost done with the base
And this is as far as I got.
I still have to do some markings on several shoulder pads and I need a symbol or ornament for the shield and then I can move on to the real characters.
What do you think?
Ideas or suggestions? I look forward to your feedback.