Thursday, March 1, 2018

A New Project (2)

Hi all,

the flu is pretty much gone - a few coughing fits left - and I'm back at work.
But I had time to continue :)

So I finished the base work by adding the ornament to the shield. As I didn't want to risk anything I decided to use my standard stylized Wyvern again.
And this is how my wet-palette looked after painting the base and all the corpses :)
Time to change diapers...err...paper :)
I thought allot about the color of the Chapter Masters armour...I didn't really want to do an established chapter, but I didn't really want to do another red armour (the Termie may become a Crimson Guardian though).
I never did blue armour - too much Ultramarines :D - but let's see how blue armour will do
I hope it is visible that the armour is "fading" to the de-saturated color in the dark areas, while the bright areas have simply more saturation 
To avoid the Ultramarine resemblance I decided to give him white shoulders  
I did have some time yesterday and was able to work on the red cape
So the Chapter Master has his little-red-riding-hood  
With the cape pretty much done I started on the gold 
So if everything goes to plan I'll start with the head tonight 

So what do you think? Comments or suggestions, critique?