Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Guardian (1)

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, but currently my attention span is slipping and I'm jumping from one unfinished project to the next...

I had sculpted a big guy (25 cm tall) and called it "Shore Leave", but didn't finish him :(
Something new caught my attention.
I found a small peace of wood in my shed as I was preparing logs for the wood burner.
It is really small, but it caught my attention and an image of a guardian on watch came to my mind.
Once this idea was in my head, the "Shore Leave" had no chance :)

So while I had the basic idea of a guardian standing on an outcrop of rocks, I still had no real idea of any setting or details.
But looking at the little piece of wood I was thinking about how I could realistically use it as a base or plinth.
It would have to positioned that the one flat side was the top and the other was the rear - so that it really looked like an outcrop. With this in mind I started some sketching.
Over the last one or two years it became fashion to build vignettes or dioramas with a painted background integrated - just like these here:

So I wanted to try something similar, but also try to give it a bit more "depth".
So I sculpted a frame for the little piece of wood

With the idea to draw the landscape then into the background

Probably with a city in the background, maybe an airship?

The basic frame was done with SuperSculpey. Once that was baked, I built a frame of plastic card around it and filled (and integrated) everything with Milliput.

And a first positioning test.

 I added some flag stones and other details with GreenStuff

The base model is a "female armature" from HassleFree Miniatures ( )

With GreenStuff I sculpted a bit of chain mail as well as some armour to the legs

Then I added a bit of a tabard, flowing in the breeze

The piece in the front flowing a bit stronger

 Together with chest and shoulder armour this already looks quite cool

Last night I added the rest of her boots as well as a first draft for the sword and spear

So what do you think?
Anything still missing?
I look forward to your feedback, suggestions and critiques!