Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Guardian (2)

Hi all,

thank you for your comments and suggestions.
Reacting on the several sword and spear comments I decided to take the spear away.
Right now I simply lowered her arm.
I'm not sure if I keep the pose and what I will place in her hand. I'm considering to give her a signal horn. Let me know what you think!
So now it's time to consider the background.
Here I placed a sample background I downloaded and printed - it's not mine!
To counter the shadows and give it a separate atmosphere I will now add lights to the background.
I have some 12V LED that also work with a 9V block - this way they are less bright.
To house the LED I had to build another frame around the existing frame
To provide access to the rear and the LED (as well as protecting them from spray primer later on) the new frame has to be removable (slide-on-slide-off)
Just enough room to hold the LED strip
With this the background looks very different - beside it being a different print out *wink*
I think this will be very cool!
And when adding regular ambient (room) light it balances nicely.
Depending on the angle you may get a glimpse of the actual LED
So maybe I have to add a thin milky glass cover to the LED....
Right now I sit here looking at the images with a smile on my face as my plan seems to work :)
What do you think?
Any feedback, suggestions, ideas?
Signal horn or something different for the left hand?