Friday, July 27, 2007

3. Airborne vehicles

The DEI GRECI Airborne Vehicle family

As mentioned prior, I'm designing a whole family of vehicles for this project.

All vehicles are named after ancient Greek Gods.

For these vehicle I have only a very limited amount of space available, in order to fit them into the Greci Drop containers.

The available space for a small vehicle is 184 (l) x 44 (h) x 70 (w) mm - For comparison, a Chimera is 113 x 47 x 90.

A large vehicle, which can only be dropped individually, can be up to 184 x 70 x 70.

Since dropping only two small vehicles is (IMHO) to much waste of resources, I decided to design some very-small vehicles, of which I could fir 4 into a container.

This limits the space to 91 (l) x 44 (h) x 70 (w) mm.

This sounds pretty small :)

UPDATE: (30. July)
This is the current status of the Greci vehicles:
(ltr - Ganymed, Kairos, Tisiphone)

UPDATE (06. Aug)
Here are all 4 Greci in their current status:
(ltr) Kratos, Tisiphone, Kairos, & Ganymed

UPDATE (08. Aug)
I did a first test to create some ammo for the Tisiphone gun.

As you can see, they look quite uneven, bent, and crooked :(
I will have to exercies some more here :)
UPDATE (27. Aug)
Since I'm working on a whole regiment, this will also include the infantry.
Since the Kasrkin's have only 5 or 6 different poses, I want to use regular Cadians, but with the HE-Lasguns and special heads.
So, here's my first try at modifying the heads.
The Sergeant:
The Grunts:

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