Friday, July 27, 2007

2. Drop Container System

So let's have a first glimpse at the Drop Containers.

They will be droped from orbit of a planet and will land via parachutes and a retrorocket-system. In addition the landing will be dampened by a set of airbags, looking like a hovercraft.

The size of the container will allow either the droping of ~ 25 fully equiped troops, or 1 airborne vehicle, or 2 small airborne vehicles, or 4 very-small airborne vehicles (these will be described in a following post).

Once the contained hit ground, it can be exited via side doors, or via a ramp at one end.

Infantry is dropped seated, and passengers sit back-to-back, 8-10 per row on 2 stories.

Vehicles are dropped also on 2 stories, of which the upper can be lowered like a ramp, once landed.

The available space for a small vehicle is 184 (l) x 44 (h) x 70 (w) mm - For comparison, a Chimera is 113 x 47 x 90.
A large vehicle, which can only be dropped individually, can be up to 184 x 70 x 70.

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