Friday, July 27, 2007

1. A new Project

This Blog will be about my new project for Warhammer 40K - Code Name "Dei Greci".

The idea is to built an airborne/airmobile Imperial Guard regiment. It will not only include troops representing airborne units (this could easily be done by Elysians), but also a "delivering" system and transported vehicles.
The first part of the the project was the general design phase, in which the first layouts and sizes were established. The project (currently) consists of a

  • Drop Container System

  • Airmobile vehicle family

which consists of

  • Kairos - Reconnaisance vehicle

  • Ganymed - Ammunition Supply vehicle

  • Tisiphone - Self-Propelled Artillery vehicle

  • Orthos - Air Defense vehicle

  • Kratos - Assault Gun

plus the option for some additional vehicles, like

  • Hephaistos - Rocketartillery vehicle
  • Askepios - First Aid vehicle
  • Iris - Flatbed Transport
  • Ponos - HW-Team Transport (similar to Centaur)

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