Friday, October 22, 2010


Thanks guys :)

@Tony - I really look forward to see your dirigible come true! Please make it happen.
@Da masta Cheef - "Wotwuzdat" pure gold! Yes, this will be his name :)

Well, todays update is a bit shorter than usual as progress is a bit slow.
I closed the lower part of the right hull side.

Then prepared for the two top tracks.

Here you can see a size comparison with the diorama base that will be on top.

Then I started to build the tracks...

It was quite some work, but I'm very satisfied with the result.

So here's another sketch of how I envision the underground scene:

The Dirtmuncha will be breaking (actually melting) through the walls of the lower city, opening its jaws to release the SEALZ.
There will be some dead Imps and a Dreadnought against the SEALZ leaving the Dirtmuncha via an Assault Ramp - of course there will also be some dead Orks on the ground too.
As mentioned in the previous post I'm fancying the idea of doing some OSL painting, with muzzle flashes and stuff...
But first I have to finish the mole and its interior :)