Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo session

Yesterday I set up my photo environment again, because I needed some hi-res images of some of my models.
As you can see, this setup wasn't intended for a standard size mini.
It better fits something as big as the ZEUS.

After the photosession I realized that I still owe you some images of the STRIX on the ATHENA elevator.

As you can see, it is a very tight fit.

It barely fits on the elevator, and there isn't much room...
...this brings me back to my thoughts of re-designing the ATHENA's deck layout, or even re-thinking her role.
Currently I'm not very satisfied with the layout. Eventhough the ATHENA is very big, she's still too small for a real aircraft carrier.
So I have to re-consider my original designs and maybe build her more into the role of a Destroyer or Cruiser, with just a VTOL landing platform.

I would most likely have to discard the current bridge building, but I could keep most of the other pieces, and it would make room for more armamanets...
What do you guys think?
Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.