Friday, December 17, 2010

Kheradruakh, the Decapitator (2)

Hello all,

I did receive quite some feedback in the forums and I was pointed to this image ((C) Games Workshop):

So this is the "official" Kheradruakh from the latest codex. Quite gloomy and dull (IMHO), and the pose is absolutely useless for a character sculpt. Also he has no longer the Splinter pistol. Most feedback was negative to the start of the head I have sculpted.

So I removed the pistol hand and the head, but kept the actual pose.

Next I gave him a new hand and a bundle of skulls, as well as the torn remnants of shirt.

On his left side dangles a torn IG arm.

The bundle of skulls still needs some work.

Then I worked a bit on the base.
The rock he's gonna jump across.

Apparently he's collecting skulls and other remnants of his prey.

Then I gave his head another go.
I know he's a Mandrake, but I don't really like their faces without mouth. And from the official image, though quite shadowy, you can he he has more ape-like features and a big upper lip, like a Neanderthal.
To support the attacking pose I wanted to sculpt him with an open, snarling mouth.
Please bear in mind it is still Work in Progress, and he will also receive hair.

Here you can see, that there's also a DKoK head dangling from his belt.

Well, I think I'm quite satisfied with the result so far.