Monday, December 13, 2010

An Update

Hello all,

well, as you can imagine, the last two weeks were full of ups and downs. The death of my cat really put me down and I hardly had the energy to do anything.

But we all know life goes on and the hobby can be a good and positive distraction. Also the care for another cat can be.
So let me introduce our newest family member:
Teddi :)

He's about 5 years old, and in the animal shelter he was called "Mozart". But that's not a proper cat name, is it?
He's a pure Scottish Fold and really looks like a teddie bear, so Teddi it will be :)
We picked him up on Thursday and he looks quite compfortable, doesn't he?

Lilly, our other cat isn't quite convinced yet, but it just three days yet. So there's lots of positive feelings and hope.

Well, this is a WH40K blog after all, so here's the mandatory 40K content.
As I mentioned previously I wasn't sure on how to continue, so it was a nice coincidence when my nephew Florian voiced his Christmas wish:
"A character by Klaus - I'd like Kheradruakh, the Decapitor"

A Dark Eldar :(

Since I don't know anything about DE or their codex I conducted a Google search, but it didn't reveal much:

  • Mandrake champion and master assasin
  • 4 arms
  • enormous sword "Decapitor"
  • Splinter pistol
  • Dark Energy (or flames?)

Like all Mandrakes he's perfectly camouflaged, infiltrates and attacks out of the shadows. He's canibalistic and cornivorous and lives outside any social restrictions. He collects the skulls of his enemies and he's adorned with trophies.
A nice and friendly character :)

After checking the GW website and looking at their new Mandrakes, I realized I'll have to scratch build (or rather sculpt) him.
The intended pose is a surprise attack out of the shadows and over a rock. Firing the pistol at one target while he raises his sword over his head to attack another target (and maybe even firing off a ball of fire at yet another target).

Unfortunately I have no images of how I started, but here's an early image.

Here I started to sculpt his pants. Ragged and torn, made of hide - or rather human skin.

Then I mounted the hand holding the pistol and sculpted his arm.

From what I saw and read, his skin is broken and covered by runes.

Then I mounted the two hands that will be holding the sword.

Speaking of the sword.
I initially tried to cut it out of plasticard.
I really like the design, but the plasticard was too thik, so it looks way to clumsy.

So I tried to get a similar design using exisiting DE blades. Looks a lot better, and I think worth a DE champion and worth the name "Decapitor".

Over the next view days I sculpted the other arms, his double chest, and the hand holding the dark energy.

The back, all covered in runes.

Unfortunately he's now sop massive that the intended head is way too tiny and small, so I had to start sculpting my own head.

There's still a lot to do, but I'm quite satisfied so far.
Next will be the details of the face - eventhough he seems to wear a mask, so it will be mainly the eyes and ears plus the mask.
Then I'll have to complete the legs and his feet and after that it will be all the details.
A belt, some bracelets, skulls, a spiked necklace, and insignias.
Also I'm thinking about adding some seams and stitches to the pants, so that it looks more like skin patchwork...
What do you think?