Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kheradruakh, the Decapitator (4)

Well, I started painting :)

Here you can see all the base colors applied.

Then I toned everything down with several coats of washes. Mainly Devlan Mud and Badab Black, but also Gryphone Sepia on the yellow parts and Azurmen Blue on the flames and the sword.
Then I experimented with the lights a bit. I will try to paint him with this light setting.

So the front will be pretty dark, while his back will be more in the light.

I also checked light from below - this also has its virtues, but I think the light from above will work better...hopefully.

Then I started by painting the blue flames.

Next were the highlights on his skin.

Then the dark red of the runes.

And the brighter red insides of the runes - so they look like they're glowing.

Then I applied some highlights in Bleached Bone to the elbow blades and the skulls on the base.

And I gave the Decapitator sword and energy flash pattern.

That's as far as I got over the last two days :)