Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Heat Contest update

While the weather here in Germany is everything but hot I'm working on my contest piece for the WIP competition nevertheless.
I put myself on a pretty tight schedule and want to complete the actual build by August 1st., so I'll have enough time for a good paintjob. I think I can make this deadline, eventhough there's still a lot to do.
You may be surprised to read it, but so far I have not used a single piece of plasticard :)

I've used about 1.5 kg of plaster, about 6 packs of FIMO, 2 packs of standard Milliput, 1 pack of fine Milliput, and half a pack of ProCreate greenstuff - and about 1 meter of wire...

As said, this project is VERY different from what I've done so far, but it will still fit into the GW/Warhammer environment...
Well, enough teasing and chit chat, I have to go back to work :)