Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rear Guard (3)

Hello all,
I hope you enjoyed a nice and long weekend (Labour Day in most of Europe).

Despite a lot of social activity and catching a cold, I was able to make some progress.
First I finished the engraving on the base plate.

Then I worked on Sister Emilia with some ProCreate.

While the PC cured I finally mounted the walls to the base.

And I added the blast door.

Several ornaments, cables and other details

including the neon light over the doorway.

Brother Berthan.

Some more details on Sister Emilia.

In comparison to the original.

Next I created two muzzle flashes

out of ProCreate.

Here is the smaller flash

and this is the bigger one.

I decided on the smaller muzzle flash and primed everything.

Then the first colors.

I started off with Scab Red.

Somne Boltgun Metal.

And here all the base colors are applied.

Then a first wash with black.

Then I slowly added the shadows - the idea is that the neon light over the door will be the only light (more or less), so plenty of dark areas.

Then I worked up the highlights.

Then I did the same for the parchments and the metal parts.

There's still plenty to do, but I like the progress.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed todays update.